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Fast Track to SAP WebI XI & Universe Designer

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This 4 days course is the right course for anyone starting using BusinessObjects tools.

The first day covers the WebI tool and the 3 others days will give you the right knowledges to start working with BO Universe Designer.
After the End User part, this core three-day instructor-led course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills needed to design, build and maintain BusinessObjects 6.5, BusinessObjects XI R1/R2, and BusinessObjects XI 3.0/3.1 universes.

You should attend this course to understand universe design concepts and terminology, as well as the role of universes in relation to BusinessObjects reporting tools.

The course provides an overview of the process for planning, designing and creating a universe and then walks you through the process of designing a universe that responds to identified requirements.

The business benefit of this course is that you learn best-practice methodology for creating universes that respond to your reporting requirements.

Through well-designed universes, report designers and business users are able to create reports without having to know anything about the underlying data source or structure.

1900 € HT 4 jours BOUD


Introduction to WebIntelligence is the first part of the course in one day

  • Describe the core concepts of WebIntelligence
  • Explain the business process for report creation
  • Define the core functionality of WebIntelligence

Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries

  • Use BusinessObjects universes to create queries and build reports
  • Differentiate between the report panels
  • Create and edit WebIntelligence documents
  • Manage documents

Getting Started with InfoView

  • Log on to and off from InfoView
  • Access documents
  • Manage document categories
  • Use online Help
  • Create dashboards for My InfoView

Restricting Data Returned by a Query

  • Apply query filters
  • Use a prompt to filter data
  • Apply complex filters
  • Use and prioritize operators

Viewing Documents in InfoView

  • View documents in different formats
  • Analyze Web Intelligence documents in Drill mode
  • Refresh and Print documents from InfoView

Enhancing the Presentation of a Report

  • Organize information in a report
  • Use breaks, calculations, sorts, and alerters
  • Use report filters
  • Organize a report into sections

Formatting Reports

  • Document formatting
  • Formatting charts

Creating Formulas and Variables

  • Create and edit formulas and variables

Analyzing Data

  • Create and navigate drillable document
  • Drill in charts

Understanding BusinessObjects Universes

  • Define BusinessObjects universe concepts
  • Use the universe development cycle

Creating the Course Universe

  • Describe the course database and universe
  • Create the course universes

Building the Universe Structure

  • Populate the universe structure
  • Define joins in a universe

Creating Dimension Objects

  • Describe classes and objects
  • Create classes and objects

Creating Measure Objects

  • Define measure object concepts
  • Create measure objects
  • Create delegated measure objects

Resolving Loops in a Universe