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Migration de SAP BO Universe Design vers SAP Information Design Tool en 1 journée

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SAP BO WebIntelligence BI4.2 Information Design Tools vs Universe Designer


  • Introduction to IDT

  • DataFondation single source concepts

  • DataFondation multi sources concepts

  • Creating a project

  • Sharing and synchronising a local project

  • Creating a connexion

  • Creating a DataFondation and a Business Layer

    1. Define relationships (joins) between tables
    2. Multi-Source Data Foundations
    3. Detect and resolve Loops (aliases and contexts)
    4. Create Calculated Columns
    5. Create Derived tables
    6. Define Parameters and Lists of Values
    7. Create multiple views of the data structure
    8. Add all the required folders and objects
    9. Test Objects by creating Business Layer Queries
    10. Publish the Business Layer to the repository
  • Tests

  • Access Restrictions

  • Maintaing universes

  • Differences between IDT universes and UDT universes

    1. UDT to IDT Workflow Comparison
    2. Nommenclature
    3. New features in IDT
  • Migration of a .unv to a .unx

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