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Service Azure Kubernetes

  • 1 avril 2020

Why Kubernetes DevOps challenges Containers Docker containers Deploying images The need for container orchestration What’s K8s? Kubernetes cluster Parts of a Kubernetes cluster on Azure AKS Creating an AKS cluster on Microsoft Azure Connecting to an AKS cluster Running pods Deployments and ReplicaSets Imperative commands Declarative commands Debugging Resources management Exposing services The need for […]

Office Document Analysis

  • 25 novembre 2019

The following courses syllabus will be learned : Treat landscape Setup forensic Lab and Tools Why opening theses files & document identification Understand how macro deliver payload Extraction of Macro Macro Goal Obfuscation

Build your CSIRT

  • 25 novembre 2019

The topics covered will be : Threat Landscape Reactions Preparation How to face External Threat How to face Internal threat Detect and find threats Evidences collection Appropriate actions to appropriate threats  

Malware : Reverse engineering

  • 25 novembre 2019

What is a malware Taxonomies and different types and capabilities of malware Analysis of classic schemes of compromises and adjacent infrastructures Malware analysis Review of the basics needed for Windows process and assembly language operation Triages techniques, dynamic and static analysis Use of debugger, decompilers and disassembler Using flow control graphs Use of forensic detection […]

F5 – Administering BIG-IP v11

  • 8 juin 2016

Chapter 1: Setting Up the BIG-IP System Introducing the BIG-IP System Initially Setting Up the BIG-IP System Archiving the BIG-IP Configuration F5 Support Resources and Tools Chapter Resources BIG-IP System Setup Labs Chapter 2: Traffic Processing Building Blocks Identifying BIG-IP Traffic Processing Objects Network Packet Flow Configuring Virtual Servers and Pools Load Balancing Concepts Viewing […]

Oracle : Administration Solaris 11

  • 26 avril 2016

Chapitre 1 : Introduction Versions de Solaris Outils d’aide à l’administration Ressources à gérer Chapitre 2 : Mise en oeuvre Planification d’une installation Solaris Installation du système avec LiveCD et Texte Paramétrage initial du système Gestion de l’Open Boot Prom Chapitre 3 : Gestion des Packages et patchs Administration des packages logiciels à l’aide d’IPS […]