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Installing and Configuring Windows 10

  • 13 avril 2016

Module 1 : Overview of Windows 10 This module introduces the Windows 10 operating system. It describes the new features in Windows 10, and the important changes since Windows 8.1. It describes the use, navigation, and customization of the new, enhanced user interface. This module also mentions the features of Windows 10 that make it […]

Implementing and Managing Microsoft Desktop Virtualization

  • 16 mars 2015

Module 1: Overview of Desktop Virtualization Scenarios Lessons Overview of Virtualization Overview of Virtualization Management Planning an Application and Desktop Virtualization Deployment Lab: Planning Desktop Virtualization Scenarios Identifying Virtualization Solutions Planning Desktop Virtualization Scenarios After completing this module, students will be able to: Explain the benefits and options for virtualization Identify the solutions for managing […]

Implementing and Managing Microsoft Server Virtualization

  • 16 mars 2015

Module 1: Evaluating and Planning for Virtualization Description Describe virtualization as it relates to server, desktop, and application environments Students also will learn how to plan for critical decision points related to hardware requirements, storage, availability, and security Lessons Overview of Microsoft Virtualization Overview of Microsoft Virtualization Evaluating the Current Environment for Virtualization Evaluating the […]

Fast Track to Oracle Performance Tuning

  • 16 mars 2015

Aperçu de la gestion de la performance La planification Tuning de l’instance Tuning SQL Les outils dispoibles Planification de la performance Présentation de l’évolutivité Architectures système Principes de conception d’applications Tests de charge, modélisation, implémentation Méthodes d’amélioration Méthodes normales Méthodes d’urgence Optimisation de l’instance Configuration de la base de données Statistiques automatiques et référentiels de […]